Stress at Work: 5 Ways to Find Balance

Stress at Work: 5 Ways to Find Balance

balance-out-stressatworkStress at Work

Work seems pretty straightforward, right? We work to produce results and in turn for our results we are rewarded. Ah, if only it were that easy. If we look at our drive for success we will see its connected with our emotional well being.   However, our emotional well being is not always a priority at work.  And all too often this lack of concern, for our emotional well being and increased stress, is what drives us to leave our jobs—it’s not always about the money, the hours, or the type of work. Its about the amount of stress we are experiencing on a day-to-day basis and how that impacts us in our personal life.



Here are some tips to keep it balance at work:

  1. Train Your Mind

Often we want our co-workers, our bosses, or supervisors to act a different way. Learn to recognize your feelings and understanding your triggers. Practice mediation and take as step towards promoting health and well-being. Try my hand warming mediation here.

  1. Learn the How to Give Feedback

I used to have a supervisor in North Carolina tell me I could say anything I wanted as long as I used my “bedroom slippers.” Essentially, walk carefully and choose your words wisely. Learn to solicit feedback, receive and offer feedback without being judgmental. Asking for advice brings a social connection and respectfully giving suggestions builds trust and cohesion.

  1. Model Respect and Trust

Trust is the foundation in most relationships. It’s no different at work. Respect is how we earn trust. This is even more true during a work conflict or professional disagreement. Mutual trust can help relationships survive through successes and failures.

  1. Say Thanks

There is so much that we often don’t realize others do for us at work. It could be the person at the front desk, the person cleaning the hallway or shoveling the snow. We often take things for granted. Practice gratitude for what works well, work successes, and simply just saying “Thank you.”

  1. Embrace Conflict

Work in general can be chaotic and challenging. You don’t have to avoid it or met it with resistance. Explore your feelings related to being offended by a co-worker. Did they not meet deadlines on time? Is their documentation subpar? Could this be an invitation to lend a hand? Accept the chaos and recognizing if you have the ability to change it or not helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and tension. Change the things you can and if you can’t change it… its out of your control. It is what it is.

Be Well!

williston, vermont

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