Therapy Teens Williston VermontDo you need therapy?

There are a lot going on in your life, the stress of school, friends, parents issues, fall in love, and bullying. Maybe you feel:

  • Like nothing you do is good enough no matter how hard you try
  • Like you are always behind with school work and catching up is too hard
  • You are super shy and it’s hard to make friends
  • Your parents are not being nice to each other anymore
  • Something you didn’t like happened to you and you don’t know what to do
  • Sad and nervous feelings come out of nowhere and it’s hard to handle
  • You don’t know what’s changed, but something is just different

Whatever is bothering you, you and I can work through it.  What if you don’t feel like talking?  That’s ok too. Sometimes it’s hard to express our emotions. I have worked with many teens in creative ways such as arts, poetry and music. The best thing about using creativity is that we don’t need to be perfect in it, and it can changed based on what we feel at that moment.

So… what is a therapist?

If you know what a school counselor does, then you know what a “therapists” do.  I prefer to call it mentoring or coaching. Like a school counselor, therapists like me talk to kids about their problems and how to deal with them. We can talk about school, college, career, bullying, friendships, boyfriend/girlfriend problems, and more. School counselors are great but it’s hard to catch up with school work when you have to miss classes to see the school counselor regularly.

You should know, too, that it is important for me to get to know you first before we talk about anything too personal.  I want to know what you like to do for fun, what you spend your free time doing and what you do with your family and friends.

I am here to help and I promise I will not judge you. I will listen to you, not just the words you say, but truly understand what you are going through.

You’re in control

When you come and talk to me, everything stays private. It’s called “confidentiality”, it means I won’t tell anyone, unless it’s ok with you. I can explain more about this when you come in.