Perinatal Loss & Infertility Counseling

Infertility Counseling

It’s devastating to want something so much and not know how to make it happen. It can feel overwhelming to find the right treatment, the right doctor… You are open to everything and anyone who might help you become a mother. You’re consulting with:


  • Reproductive specialists
  • Consulting doctors Western to Eastern medicine
  • Adoption Agencies and surrogates
  • Facebook groups and chat rooms


1 in 8 couples have difficulty getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy.


  • It can feel lonely and scary and sometimes you just can’t bring yourself to pick up the phone and call your mother or sister or best friend one more time.
  • You worry that they’re all tired of hearing what’s next, what you’re reading or thinking or planning to do this time
  • It’s just not your style to talk to your friends and family
  • You feel shy or embarrassed and you don’t want anyone to know that life isn’t perfect


You Are Not Alone.  Life Isn’t Perfect.

  • Sometimes talking with a professional is easier.
  • Someone to listen
  • Someone to help process all these feelings.
  • Feelings that are constantly evolving day by day and sometimes minute by minute.


I can help you to organize your thoughts, plans, and ideas.  Allow you to explore your emotions as you navigate this tricky road you never imagined traveling on free of judgement and fear of over burdening your family and friends.  I get where you are and I’m here to walk beside you as you figure out your next steps, and build the life you’ve always planned for.


Miscarriage & Infant Loss

Imagining how to go on after losing a pregnancy or an infant may be incomprehensible. This is likely one of the most emotionally devastating things you’ve ever experienced. Your friends, family and even your partner may not know how to embrace or support you.

Whether you’ve had one miscarriage or multiple losses, it can be a consuming process – physically and emotionally. There’s the immediate shock, then sadness, anger and longing. You may feel:


  • Stuck
  • Wondering how or why this has happened
  • Out of control and incredibly vulnerable
  • Worry may cloud your next steps, as you try again, or search for answers
  • It’s not uncommon to feel defective, angry and jealous, or hopeless as people around you become pregnant


Although how you feel about miscarriage or stillbirth may heal with time, research shows that early psychological intervention can effectively decrease emotional distress, depression and anxiety in the first year after miscarriage or stillbirth.  We can work together to decrease the severity of the pain you are experiencing and heal from this experience.  You are not alone.