Improve Self Confidence Now

Improve Self Confidence Now

Williston, Vermont Therapy3 Ways to Improve Your Self Esteem

Women can begin improving their self-esteem by taking care of their physical health and their mental health will improve naturally.  While this seems simple it can often be a difficult task.  Often I hear from women, in therapy, that they don’t have time or its too hard to add into their schedule.  I get it.  Between work, home, and friends my days are crammed full too.  Small changes can make a huge impact.  Look at:

Improve Self Esteem with Sleep

How much sleep do you need to feel rested?  This changes as we age.  I remember in college I needed a solid 8-9 hours and after having kids if I have a minimum of 6 hours I’m doing alright.  Peak performance (energy, focus, and less stress) I need around 7 hours.  This falls in line with the research that most adults need 7.5 hours of sleep to be productive.  Add in an additional time and you are likely to improve your performance further.  Additionally, it’s important to have a consistent sleep and wake cycle.  If you need more information on sleep check out my blog post here.

Improve Self Esteem with Eating

Are you eating well for you?  We all have different nutritional requirements.  Do you know what your body needs?  Are you drinking enough water?  I highly encourage women to seek out consultation with their primary care doctors or a nutritionist.   Since, 2004 when I became diabetic I have visited the nutritionist at various points in my life.  Each time I went I had the mindset– what are they going to tell me that I already know?  Each time I walked away with more education in order to take better care of myself.

Improve Self Esteem With Exercise

I know, I know.  Women often say, “ I should exercise.  I know I should.”  Start small.  When I start running after winter, I don’t just go balls to the wall running.  I start off small; walking; jogging; and if I’m lucky a good solid run.  Walking/running helps with anxiety and mood, clears your head, and helps you sleep.   I try for a least one or two days a week and then build naturally.  We fail when we become overwhelmed… think too much too fast.

Remember….building self-confidence takes time and encouragement.  Once you begin to tackle your physical health we can begin to look at changing negative thoughts and irrational messages you tell yourself.  Let me know when you’re ready.  I’m here to support you in the process.

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