Does my child need therapy?

Does my child need therapy?


Teen TherapyAfter I had my first child, I realized quickly children do not come with manuals.  Prior to having my son, I read the books, had training, and was in the midst of my MSW program. I thought I knew it all.  Wrong!  Parenting is hard.  The parenting struggle is real.  Here are 5 things to be on the look out for that indicate your child may benefit from therapy:

Sleep Disturbance

Sleep is important for your child’s development and growth.  Also, it is important to help regulate mood and anxiety.  When a child doesn’t have enough sleep they may have poor attention or focus, become hyperactive, or become irritable.  Also, if your child has a difficult time falling asleep or staying asleep in their own safe sleep space this could be another indication of a potential mental health concern.


Children often don’t know how to express their feelings well.  Aggression may come in the form of hitting, kicking, biting, or yelling.  Helping a child developing alternative healthy coping skills to express their emotions in an age appropriate manner is the key to helping them reduce aggressive behaviors.

Refusing to Attend School

School offers an environment with many challenges: social, academic, and learning to balance a schedule independently.  It is not uncommon for your child to have increased anxiety at school due to being away from home, which is their place of safety and stability.  As they get older and the peer relationship demands increase so does the need to balance academics and social relationships. At times it can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Control The Environment

When feeling out of control, people (including adults), ramp up their need to control their environment.  This comes in the form of attempting to control situations, other people, hoarding food, refusing to eat or poor hygiene.  In many cases, it is the child’s need to gain control over an anxiety provoking or chaotic environment that triggers these controlling behavior.

If you notice a change a your child’s behavior, pay attention and see if there are any other changes going on in his or her life. New friends?  Change in grades? Are they isolating?  All behavior is purposeful.

Do you have questions about your child’s behavior?  Still unsure if counseling would be helpful?  Reach out and ask.  Send me an email.  Let’s setup a time to talk about it.

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