Activate Your Vagus Nerve Now

Activate Your Vagus Nerve Now

vagusnerveSo when was the last time you activated your vagus nerve?

When I ask someone this question in session, I usually get a blank stare back at me.  Vagus what?  Your vagus nerve.  Its a powerful thing.  The vagus nerve has the ability to shut off your anxiety.  Now you’re interested.  You sit in a little closer and become intrigued.  You are the only one that can control your vagus nerve.  The vagus nerve activates the parasympathetic nervous system and through this system creates a relaxation response.



Here’s how:

  • Deep Breathing (Diaphragmatic Breathing)
  • Immersing Cold Water on your face
  • Singing
  • Attempting to Exhale Against a Closed Airway
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing Techniques or Sequences

Manage Anxiety without Medication

One of your greatest assets in anxiety management is learning how to activate and use your vagus nerve for the relaxation response.  Diaphragmatic Breathing takes practice and more practice.  Practice when you are not having a panic attack and integrate the skill into your daily routine.  With practice deep breathing and vagus nerve activation will be habit.

Want to Learn How to Deep Breathe

Sometimes, we work on deep breathing in session but I have found that most effective breathing comes at home in a comfortable environment.  Together we will explore your experience in session to see if it triggered trauma, increased or reduced anxiety.  Here is a YouTube Video that guides you through breathing and activating your vagus nerve.

Activate Your Vagus Nerve Now!

Really?  What do you have to lose?  By learning how to activate your vagus nerve you have one more tool to help you manage your anxiety.  You are are in control of how you activate and how much time you spend practicing the techniques needed for activation.  Get one step closer to managing your anxiety and living on the other side of your fears today.  And…. as always if you would like support please reach out to me at my office in Williston, VT and let me know how I can help!


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