EMDR Therapy in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and North Carolina

Rachel Totten - Women's EMDR Therapist

Individual therapy exploring how your thoughts and feelings impact your daily life.  Learn skills to regulate anxiety, mood, and move through life transitions.


Jump start your brain’s inherent ability to heal and change.   Reprocess past events, become unstuck, and experience personal growth faster.

Rachel Totten - Birth Trauma

Rewrite your birth story with EMDR.  Gain confidence in your birth experience and re-frame your vision of parenthood and your family relationships.

“I’m not your average therapist. My clients connect with me when they are ready to go deep, get real, and resolve their stuff. They change. They find happiness, a sense of peace, and confidence within themselves. They do not stay in therapy forever.  Offered exclusively online and at a schedule customized to meet your needs.”

Ready to take therapy to the next level?